Diaphragmatic Breathing

Diaphragmatic Breathing

Here is another great tip from our partners in health, physical therapists – Dr. Chris Kosobucki and Dr. Daniela Ortiz-Kosobucki. We love that they share their expert knowledge and best advice for maintaining healthy, strong bodies and exercises to help common orthopedic injuries with our team and our clients! The body’s Autonomic Nervous System has […]

How To Avoid Burnout From a Busy, Stressful Job

If you’re working lots of hours a week and have a particularly high stress, high responsibility, busy job, then you likely know how easy it is to feel burnt out and run down by your work. Luckily, the steps you need to take are pretty simple to help you have better energy, better mood, better […]

12 Days of Healthy Snacks

By now, the holiday season is in full swing. And that means holiday parties are happening, and all kinds of delicious food temptations have probably been put in front of you – even the not-so-healthy ones. Now we’re certainly not advocates for ultra-rigid restrictions on food all the time here. After all, joy is healthy […]

Health Coaching Services

Hopefully most of you have met Ben, one of our newest trainers here at Empower. If you have not however, we are happy to announce that he is now offering 1 on 1 Health Coaching sessions for all of our members! As a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach as well as a licensed […]

Why You Should Always Go to Bed On Time

sleep, go to sleep

Today’s blog is another crucial reminder to stop skimping on your sleep if you can help it. If you work a very busy job with lots of responsibility, your post-work wine and TV hours are usually a precious window of time to shut your brain off, relax, and decompress. It can be very tempting to […]

3 Tips to Eating Healthy with a Busy Schedule

Do you find your daily schedule to be pretty hectic? Are you running around all day going from one thing to the next with little time in between? For many, this means a healthy diet can fall by the wayside in place of quick, easy and convenient food. It’s also no secret that quick, easy […]

Do These 3 Things in the Morning For Better Mood and Energy

If you’ve ever struggled with morning grogginess, taking a long time to wake up and feel energized, then this post is for you. What follows is a list of a few easy to implement, zero-cost action items that will have an immediate, noticeable impact on your physiology to help you wake up and get going […]

Do This Every Day To Help Prevent Burnout

How are you feeling lately? Stressed?Exhausted?Stretched thin, with a million things on your mind all day everyday?Run down, even on your days off? These are all signs of burnout and adrenal fatigue. It’s no fun – I’ve been there, and I think most of you reading this have felt this way at some point in […]

Ankle Mobility – Knee to Wall Stretch Test

Ever wonder if your ankle range of motion was sufficient for your exercise needs? Did you know that a common side effect of ankle sprains is actually losing the flexibility of your ankle bending forward on itself? Did you know that one facet of impaired squat depth could be a lack of ankle bend!? And […]

Shoulder Stabilization – Hanging Scapular Retraction

All right my ninja warriors, obstacle course race athletes, Cross-fitters, and ANYONE wanting to master the pull-up, this is one for you! I want you to take a second and appreciate how important our shoulder blade is and all the muscles that connect to it that impact how our shoulder and arms move in space. […]