Empower is always looking for passionate fitness professionals to join our team! 

At Empower we are more than a “personal training gym” – we are a community of fitness and wellness-minded individuals who are all committed to living stronger, healthier, happier lives. Everything we do with clients in the studio is to help them be the person he/she wants to be out in the world. Whether that means running marathons, training for a sport or event, being strong enough to take an adventure trip, living pain free, or simply leading a fit and healthy lifestyle we help clients train for the demands of their life.

Since 2005 we have been leaders in the local fitness market, and we continue to evolve and lead with a visionary approach. We are looking for excellent team members to join us on this journey as we continue to redefine fitness.

Our studio is welcoming, inclusive, and communal and we strive to provide an ideal client experience for each and every person.  Our core values are: integrity, commitment, inclusivity, teamwork, positive attitude and FUN, and these values drive every decision we make.

If you think Empower sounds like your kind of place, if you align with our values, and you want to be part of a healthy team that’s helping others, please apply with us today.


Personal Trainer
(Full- and part-time positions available.)

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