Functional Health Coaching: An Integrated Approach

Functional Health Coaching is an integrated, multi-phased system that addresses all elements of your health. 

Ben Melton, our in-house expert, is a licensed corrective exercise and health coach, who creates custom programs for our clients that take a holistic approach.   He aims to help his clients correct muscle imbalances, address chronic pain, improve posture, build functional strength, improve nutrition, and rebalance the nervous system. Ben’s programs include corrective exercise and strength training sessions, as well as one-on-one health coaching.  With data and history in hand, Ben will teach how to eat right for your body type, and he work to keep you on track.  

Functional Health Coaching at Empower is all about realistic, impactful work, with an eye toward permanent lifestyle changes that will make you feel better. Every day.

Posture and Core Assessment

Get a full analysis of your posture, complete with specific measurements of your spine, pelvis, and neck position, as well an evaluation of your core function.

The resulting data will inform Ben’s program for you, so you can gain the ability to stabilize your joints and protect your spine during movement. Training exercises will then be tailored to your findings, and will include stretches, mobilizations, and exercises that target specific muscles in order to restore proper orthopedic alignment.

Diet and Lifestyle Assessment

After you complete a questionnaire, you and Ben will examine your patterns of sleep, stress, digestion, and more, to determine what systems of your body are under the most stress and where we need to focus most in your health coaching sessions.

Lifestyle choices can sabotage even the most dedicated fitness routine, so it’s important to evaluate what you’re doing outside of the gym to make sure you’re well-nourished with a diet suited to your metabolic type.  Adding a true accounting of health-related lifestyle patterns will help us keep you nourished and your blood sugar stable, which is critical for mood, focus, and energy.

Getting Started with Functional Health Coaching



A complimentary  virtual or in-person consultation.




Posture and Core Assessments 

Diet + Lifestyle Questionnaires




2-3 Training Sessions Weekly

1-2 Health Coaching Sessions Monthly


Fitness management software