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functional health coach/personal trainer

Ben Melton



Ben has dedicated several years to the health and fitness field, augmenting his academic pursuits through the CHEK Institute. He focuses on holistic health and functional strength conditioning, specializing in empowering clients with chronic pain. He employs methods such as postural correction, stretching, and muscle imbalance correction, emphasizing flexibility, stability, and core function as foundational to optimal health.

Before joining Empower in 2023, Ben worked as a health coach, helping clients establish healthy habits and overcome mental barriers to behavior change. Integrating this approach with exercise prescription, he empowers others with a holistic package addressing stress management, diet, sleep, and more.

Ben holds certifications as a Level 1 CHEK practitioner, Board Certified Health and Wellness coach, and Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach. He continues his education at the CHEK Institute, focusing on areas like holistic lifestyle coaching and spinal pathologies. Outside work, Ben is a passionate musician, playing guitar in a local band, and enjoys spending time with his partner, Sarah, and their two cats, Burt and Pizza.