GIRL Power - Fitness Community for Working Pros - Have FUN - Feel FIT - LEAD Vibrant Lives

Hey Ladies – Are you a busy, working pro who is ready to have FUN, feel FIT and LEAD your most vibrant life yet?

Time for GIRL Power!

GIRL Power is a Fitness Social Club for women in their 20’s and 30’s that is centered around fresh, innovative workouts and fun social gatherings that are designed to help young, professional women  connect with each other & achieve their health (and life) goals at the same time.


And, your first GP Workout is on us!


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GIRL Power is SO much more than just a fitness class

GP Membership Includes:

FUN — The most important component – to get you laughing and enjoying your workouts and your life!

Fitness — Attend 1 group GIRL Power session and receive 1 homework workout each week.

Community — Make friends with other young, professional women and develop authentic connections.

Socials — Monthly/bi-monthly, exploring our incredibly hip town of Durham and bringing the community together.

Personalized — Maximum student-teacher ratio of 8:1, you will receive proper cueing, form adjustments and goal connection.

Motivation — Weekly motivational tip or education on a topic specific to your Girl Power needs.

Accountability — Reach your fitness goal by being encouraged and held accountable for your other workouts throughout the week with a weekly check-in and unlimited access/support from your coach and other Girl Power members- all through a private group chat.

*BONUS #1FREE Personal Consult — After joining the Girl Power Squad you will receive an intake form to see where in life you are just trying to survive and where you are thriving, followed by a 15-20 minute consult with your coach where personal recommendations and goals will be set.

*BONUS #2FREE Studio Membership — exclusive individual monthly studio membership included for you to supplement your weekly training sessions ($50/month value). You can join other Girl Power Members in the studio for your weekly Fun homework workout.


Sample Homework Workout!Girl Power Homework Worksheet - Alphabet Workout

“I needed a fun change in my workouts. I started weekly sessions with my group of girlfriends and really enjoyed every session! Amanda mixed up the activities and made working out feel like a game — the time always flew by and I definitely saw results. I recommend Amanda’s, she’s a motivating, effective and creative trainer. ”

– Lauren P.

“The sessions are always lots of fun! We switch up the exercises a lot – you never get bored and it makes the time go by so fast! I’ve taken large group classes at other places and was lost in the numbers with bad form and ended up injured. Not only are the Girl Power sessions small but also very personalized.”

– Anna Thompson

“The Girl Power sessions were more than just a workout- it was a way to get moving and your heart racing while doing fun exercises and a variety of workout games. Having friends there made it competitive and social at the same time!”

– Jayme Wainer

“Girl Power was a great way to get a good work out while having fun and quality time with girlfriends. Creative, “gamified” workouts were always a lot of fun, got my competitive juices flowing and made the time fly by! I liked the small group setting and variety to each session.”

– Kennan Salisbury

Still thinking about it?

Well, see if any of this sound familiar . . .

Exercise gets boring quickly and I wish I had variety to my routine.

With GIRL Power no two workouts are ever the same! There will always be a different focus with a mix of core, HIIT, boxing, and strength style workouts each with their unique gameful approach. Jenga, Bingo, Poker… did you know you could have so much FUN and workout at the same time?

I’m not getting enough strength work in throughout my week.

This is true for so many women, (and I’m one of them!) despite how essential it is for so many aspects of our health. The weekly home workouts I send you will get you pumped to lift more. And when you don’t know what to do at the gym or are too tired to think of a plan, these FUN workouts will take the guesswork out of it and have you actually looking forward to your workout.

I am not a fan of big group classes where I am just another # in a mass group of strangers.

GIRL Power is small group format workout session which allows for you to be seen and never overlooked or stuck using poor form. I personalize and cater to your health and fitness needs. If you need a modification or need to work around an injury, I happily accommodate so you still get a personalized and powerful workout.

Life is so jam-packed, I wish I had more down time to catch up with my girlfriends!

Probably the best part of this membership group is using the camaraderie and time to catch up with one another while getting fit at the same time. The options for female-only fitness sessions are limited. Not only is this exclusively for women but also for women who are around the same age and stage of life, allowing you to connect deeper with one another.

Screenshot from the GIRL Power slack channel

Your first session is FREE! Come join the FUN and meet the awesome GIRL Power Community.

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GIRL Power’s Creator and Instructor

Amanda FontaineAmanda Fontaine is a trainer extraordinaire, Empower’s CFO (Chief Fun Officer), and Creator of GIRL Power.

She has developed GIRL Power because she found that many clients were bored in their workouts and many young women really craved more healthy social connections. She discovered that incorporating fun into exercise makes people who wouldn’t normally workout more likely to do so and creating a social club around fitness increased people’s overall joy in life!

Amanda has demonstrated through her work with clients and the way she lives her own life that adding more playful fun to your life makes you feel more alive.