Durham TRX Training Classes

TRX training is all the rage on the functional fitness circuit because this simple piece of equipment provides the most versatile total body workout. Train your body the way it was meant to move through hundreds of exercises that will build strength, improve endurance and best of all give you rock solid core stability. Plus you control the intensity of the workout by changing your body position so EMPOWER’s TRX classes are suitable for beginners to advanced exercisers. Try EMPOWER’s TRX Circuit and build muscular strength, endurance, and core stability or try EMPOWER’s TRX and Stretch to improve your overall conditioning and flexibility through cardio blasts and yoga inspired stretches.

Come see what all the hype is about at our Durham, NC gym location! (TRX classes are limited to 9 participants so reservations are required).


“Empower focuses on the well being of my body and a healthy life style. When I tell friends about my gym it is easy to convey why I love it so much.”

–Layne Christensen

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