Eat Well in No Time

Empower - Integrate - Celebrate

For the most part, we eat fast food because its convenient, not because its particularly delicious or good for us. The way the real world is set up, its a lot less stressful to sit in your car for a minute or three for a filling (albeit perhaps not the most  healthy or nutritious) meal than […]

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Strength & Flexibility: The Best of Both Worlds

Everybody loves muscles. They look good, feel nice, and help you move heavy things. Unfortunately, as we age muscle is harder to maintain. This may lead to more vigorous strength training, which isn’t exactly a bad thing, but can sometimes cause us to under train in other, equally important areas.   When you use muscles, […]

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5 Exercises to Help Elevate Your Tennis Game

Professionals may make it look easy running back and forth across the court, often for several hours at a time, but playing the sport of tennis requires a high degree of both strength and coordination. To perform at their best, a tennis player needs the right mix of endurance, speed and agility, as well as explosive strength and power.   […]

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