7 Ways to Be Happy

  If you struggle to find happiness in life you aren’t alone. We all go through periods where we may struggle to be happy. Happiness is in us all the time but we lose track of it. We are distracted by constantly trying to do stuff and climb the corporate ladder.   The definition of […]

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7 Properties of PLAY

  “ The opposite of play is not work — the opposite of play is depression.”- Dr. Stuart Brown   Dr. Brown says when play is happening, almost all of these 7 things are firing.   Play is Apparently Purposeless Play does not seem essential because it does not provide us our daily needs for […]

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Adults Should Play

Group Fitness

    “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing”- George Bernard Shaw   Kidult definition: Noun- an adult with an air of free-spiritedness; childlike in spirit. A person who knows how to have fun. Adjective- Characteristic of an adult engaged in lighthearted behavior; to have a good, […]

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Trainer Spotlight: Amanda Fontaine

Amanda Fontaine

I am a fitness advocate, enthusiast and lover.   That’s what I spend a majority of my day doing, but who I am is a person who values God, my family, friends, serving the community and leaving a legacy in this world. I am strong, sensitive, reliable and a giver.   I was an only […]

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Fun & Games: Get Fit With Play

Why use games in your fitness training?   I’ve been incorporating games in my Personal Training for years, because guess what? Everyone needs to have some FUN! As adults we don’t get enough opportunities to just play. Some people get bored of lifting weights, especially for those who are training multiple times per week.   […]

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Summer Cold Remedy

  Did you know you could get a cold in the summer? Have you had a cold and wanted to know how to knock it fast? Have you wondered what foods to eat and how to get good nutrition while feeling under the weather? Our Chief Fun Officer Amanda would like to share her personal […]

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