Lane Destro

Lane Destro

Group Fitness Instructor

Lane has over four years of experience teaching group fitness classes, although her love of both fitness and group instruction spans a much longer time period. Lane came to group fitness through endurance sports. She immediately loved the high-energy, hard-working atmosphere of indoor cycling (not to mention getting in a super-tough workout in an hour or less), and has since included indoor cycling at the core of her own training plan. Lane’s love of strength training has developed over the last several years, and she is an advocate for the inclusion of dumbbells, barbells, Olympic weightlifting and strongman-style training into one’s fitness repertoire.

Lane believes in the importance of helping clients work harder than they ever thought they could while having fun in a safe environment. She loves to see her group fitness participants set and break their goals, and she hopes her enthusiasm for strength training and cardiovascular endurance is contagious! Lane wants her clients to learn how strength training can help them be stronger, do more things, feel better and move more confidently in the world.

When she’s not training and working out, Lane spends her time lecturing undergraduates and doing research as a professional social scientist. She is always on the lookout for her next race, competition or fitness challenge, and she invites you to join her!

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