Kathy Cleaver

Director of College Counseling

Durham Academy

Why do I love Empower? Let me count the SEVEN ways….

  1. I love that every time (and I mean EVERY time) I come through Empower’s front door, someone greets me…it might be one of the trainers, one of the owners, or even another client. But I always feel welcomed at Empower! The Empower community feels like family to me, like a second home! As corny as it sounds, each time I walk through the front door, I feel like humming the theme song from the TV show, Cheers:

Be glad there’s one place in the world Where everybody knows your name, And they’re always glad you came; You want to go where people know, People are all the same; You want to go where everybody knows your name.

I am certainly glad to belong to a place where everybody knows my name…and seems to be happy to see me (or at least they fake it well 🙂

  1. I love the difference that Empower has made in my life; in the 2+ years I’ve been coming to Empower, I’ve lost over 20 pounds, dropped two clothing sizes and completely changed the shape of my body. But more important than those numbers (even though those numbers are important to me!) is the difference in the way I feel since coming to Empower. I feel stronger and more fit. I can run farther, lift heavier weights and finish fitness routines that I could never have done even a year ago. I sleep better, keep a better eye on my eating habits; I feel years younger and have more confidence in myself and my abilities. I’ve worked HARD to get to this place, but every single second has been worth it (yes, Angelo – even running up the stairs with a 20-pound weight over my head has been worth it 🙂  But I’m not done – I have more personal and fitness goals to meet. However, I know Empower will be with me every step of the way. And I know I can do it!
  2. I love the people at Empower – from the owners to the trainers and staff to the other clients. It feels like we are all on the same mission — to improve our health and push our limits. There is a feeling of a “shared” experience in each class and every training session. I feel supported by everyone around me, and at the same time, feel invested in the success of others as well. It’s a unique and special community that can create this kind of feeling among its members.
  3. I love the variety of fitness classes at Empower…everything from Cardio Box to Cycling, from HIIT Fit to Gentle Yoga, from TRX to Bosu Balance. And it’s not just the variety of classes; I also love the variety within each class. I’ve taken hundreds and hundreds of fitness classes at Empower, and I’ve never taken the exact same class twice. The instructors work hard to keep their classes fresh and challenging. I never get bored and my muscles (including my brain muscle) never know what to anticipate. I walk out (or sometimes crawl out!) of every class feeling challenged and stronger…feeling empowered! The classes are tough enough to keep me striving and pushing hard, but never so tough that I feel defeated. My hat is off to Angelo, Amanda, Liz, Sara and others who continue to teach GREAT fitness classes!
  4. I love the personal trainers at Empower. My trainer, Angelo, is the BEST! He pushes me WAY beyond my limits, but never past what I can actually do! And he refuses to listen to my whining and excuses! I train with Angelo for 30-minutes each week. He does not waste a single minute of our time each week, and focuses on building my core strength and aerobic conditioning. Every session is filled with new, innovative ways to torture me :)…but I finish every session feeling stronger and more fit. I can see and feel the results!
  5. I love Empower’s focus on the whole client, with additional services like nutrition counseling and massage therapy available. This past May, I joined Empower’s first-ever Arbonne 30-day nutrition challenge. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, learned so much about my food and beverage choices and how they impact my ability to fuel my body through the day (and especially through fitness class and personal training sessions), and about how I can incorporate these nutrition decisions into my daily routine beyond the 30-day challenge. Empower is not a place that is interested in just taking my money each month; they are interested and invested in helping me reach my personal fitness and life goals. That feels great!
  6. I love that the Empower family supports its members through thick and thin. In the last few months, I’ve watched the Empower family rally around Nestor and Ashley in their efforts to defeat brain cancer. I’ve also watched the staff at Empower work extra hours, take on extra clients and teach extra classes to support Angelo as he completed his military duties. And I could go on and on with other examples of the selfless, loving nature of this special community. I’m proud to know you all!/li>

These are just a few of the many reasons that I love Empower!

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