Juan Arango

I first walked in to Empower because I wanted to lose weight so I could look my best for a fast approaching wedding. My goal was to lose 10lbs. in 2 quick weeks! Sounds impossible right? But, thanks to a 21 Day Detox cleanse and nutritional counseling sessions with Cara in combination with daily personal training with Paul – I hit that goal. I was sold. Once the wedding was over I thought to myself “if I could accomplish this in 2 weeks, imagine what I could do if I made Empower a part of my weekly routine.” And that is just what I have done.

Empower is now an integral part of my life and the results have far surpassed physiological change. More than just weight loss I have gained so much from my almost daily sessions at Empower, including learning what my physical limits are and gaining the confidence to know I can push myself to reach a new potential. Empower has helped me strengthen my body, boost my self-confidence and develop a stronger will to do more in life. And my work and time here is more than just healthful, it’s FUN! Empower provides a friendly and inviting environment with cool equipment, amazing trainers, and personalized attention to every client. At Empower everyone knows my name and I feel that I am part of greater community.

I highly recommend Empower to anyone who is ready to make a healthy lifestyle change. At Empower you will have a skilled team of health and fitness professionals guiding and motivating you toward your goals. Want a personal trainer? They have the best. Like group classes? They have a large variety to choose from. Need to change your diet? Try nutrition counseling. And, then reward yourself with a massage – Empower has that too!

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