George Livanos

For me it was that aha moment when I said, “hs these waist 36 pants are tight on me wtf!” Not to mention that I could not keep up with my kids. It has been seven plus years, I gave away all my waist 36 pants and I can keep up with more than just my kids.

But who am I kidding, it is a work in progress full of challenges. I have made many changes; you know some of the usual suspects as diet, rest and exercise. The critical factor is personalized fitness. It surrounds my health and wellbeing. Over the years I have also used massage therapy services and consulted with their registered dietitian. Now I am adding yoga, Pilates, and guided meditation to my personal training. Seven years ago when I first came to Empower I never imagined I would be doing all of this but now I know I could not focus on my health and wellbeing without Empower. The entire Empower team is engaged in my fitness program and my overall health. For me, that is what matters.

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