Clay Harris

We also asked Clay a few questions about his Empower experience and here are his responses:

1. What solution were you seeking when you hired us?

Weight loss. Strength training. General physical improvement.

2. What did/do we provide that you value the most?

I value my relationship with my trainer, Paul, most of all. He’s fun and friendly, and absolutely one of the most knowledgable folks I’ve ever met. More often than not, that expertise is accompanied with a hubris that’s hard to ignore — especially in a gym! In Paul’s case, though, he’s just a nice guy who wants to help his clients. In fact, I’ve found almost all of the trainers at Empower share that special trait — they’re really good at exercise and training without making you feel like an idiot for not knowing everything they know.

3. What has been the result of working with us?

Lost more than 100 pounds and 10 inches from my waist. Lots stronger, and even more handsome than before (didn’t think it was possible).

4. What would you tell others who are considering working with us?

Do it. It’s like getting an exercise family.

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