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Be Empowered: Create and Experience the Life You Envision!

At Empower we have re-defined fitness to mean so much more than the absence of disease or the state of being physically fit. Instead, fitness is being empowered to live the life you envision – whether that means running marathons, keeping up with your kids, reducing your risk of chronic health conditions, or being in the best shape of your life we are here to help.

We have a unique fitness philosophy better known as ThinkFUN, Get Fit, Eat Well, and it is our comprehensive approach to helping you live a stronger, healthier, and happier life.

We are your overall health and fitness partners!

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What is ThinkFUN?

You may have never heard the term ThinkFUN… but that’s ok because we made it up! After 25+ years in the fitness industry we have discovered the missing link in overall health and wellness. Fitness is not just about sets and reps but rather it is about being healthy in mind, body and spirit. Therefore in order to be truly healthy you must incorporate elements of personal growth and FUN into your overall wellness plan.

At Empower we endeavor to challenge you, motivate you and inspire you to be your best. No, we are not psychologists, but we do promise to bring you a culture of positivity, foster your growth mindset and infuse FUN into your fitness routine. This is the philosophy of ThinkFUN that you will see all throughout our studio.


Get Fit

Most likely you are on this site because you want to make a change in your in your overall health and fitness. Good for you for taking that first step, researching your options and finding the best experts to help you on your journey.

At Empower, we are the leaders in fitness programming and we are committed to bringing you the best team of expert fitness professionals. Since 2005, we have worked tirelessly to stay current on leading industry research, understand fitness trends and collaborate as a team so that we can provide you with an excellent experience.

Our fitness programs are tailored to each individual and we will work with you to get stronger, improve your cardiovascular health, improve your flexibility, optimize function and incorporate rest and restorative practices to help your body recover.


Eat Well

Our Eat Well philosophy is simple – eat good, clean whole foods. But what is simple is not always easy that is why we offer customized nutrition plans based on your individual needs. We will teach you how to discover what foods work for you, how to enjoy healthy eating and how to tweak your plan over time.

Our Studio

Empower Personalized Fitness offers a clean, inviting space, specifically designed for our training and wellness services. We train individually, in small group sessions and in focused group classes, and our studio provides a specialized environment for these needs. Our boutique-style approach extends to amenities you won’t find elsewhere, including filtered water, towel service, and well-appointed showers and changing facilities.

Empower is conveniently located on the ground floor of the SouthCourt building in Durham with ample parking available.

Come experience the Empower difference!

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Mon.–Thurs.: 6 –8 pm

Friday: 6 –6 pm

Saturday: 8 –12:30 pm

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Enjoy functional training at its best with cutting edge facility design and equipment like:

  • 2 dedicated Group Fitness studios and 2 training areas
  • Specialized flooring such as an AstroTurf strip and Boflex Floating Floors
  • Custom-designed TRX suspension system
  • Appointed strength training area with bumper plates, heavy bags, squat racks and more
  • A variety of tools for functional training, post – rehabilitation exercise and speed, agility and plyometric training

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