Eat Clean & Lean

  This particular secret to getting back the svelte man bod you had in your younger days is quite simple. Unfortunately, it’s the one thing that we have the most trouble with. Clean eating. We find it difficult for two reasons. Giving in to our cravings and getting lazy on food prep.     Have […]

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EMOM # 2 Workout By Jess

Class Pass Header Image

EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute) workout programs are effective and efficient. They can be modified to meet your fitness level, and help reach your training goals.   Join Empower Personalized Fitness co-owner Jessica Bottesch for a quick interval training workout. Learn what EMOM is, and why you can incorporate this style of training into your workouts HERE.      

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Racial Equity Institute

As part of our commitment to inclusivity, our Team here at Empower took the opportunity to attend a workshop presented by the Racial Equity Institute.  REI is an organization dedicated to creating equitable systems by challenging traditional, patterns, concepts and mores through education. As a Team we wanted to share our thoughts on what we learned. […]

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