Keeping the Dream Alive

Epilogue Part I “How brain cancer compelled Ashley and me to seriously examine, consider, and re-frame our future plans and dreams. Then PREPARE for them.”       Sperm. Lots of sperm. Now that I have your attention…     As we all should remember from high school biology and sex education classes, in order […]

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Client Spotlight – Wendy McColskey

Empower - Integrate - Celebrate

This picture was taken in France (notice the red clay) in 2015. I was playing for the U.S. on the National Women’s 60s Tennis Team against other countries. We won!     It was a great experience. Training with Nestor at Empower definitely contributed to my fitness, quickness, and strength. It gave me an advantage especially […]

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5 Exercises to Help Elevate Your Tennis Game

Professionals may make it look easy running back and forth across the court, often for several hours at a time, but playing the sport of tennis requires a high degree of both strength and coordination. To perform at their best, a tennis player needs the right mix of endurance, speed and agility, as well as explosive strength and power.   […]

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