Adults Should Play

    “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing”- George Bernard Shaw   Kidult definition: Noun- an adult with an air of free-spiritedness; childlike in spirit. A person who knows how to have fun. Adjective- Characteristic of an adult engaged in lighthearted behavior; to have a good, […]

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Beat Low Back Pain

Fitness Adventure Group

Do you have low back pain? Would you like to enjoy not having back pain? Chronic low back pain has many causes that often have the same solution. This means getting your pelvis and spine back to their neutral position. The stretch below helps kill many birds with one stretchy stone. This exercise stretches both […]

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That Fateful Day in June

  “How brain cancer EMPOWERed me to create and experience the life I envision” (step 1 of my 8-step plan to get you back on track towards pursuing the life you envision despite a cancer diagnosis or other major life-altering event).   STEP 1: Perform a self-assessment. What is my vision for my life? Write […]

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