Five Delicious Low Carb Alternatives

  If you’re like me, you’re watching your figure and it’s never too early to start preparing for string bikini season. So, carbohydrates need to be kept in check. I’m always looking for healthy alternatives that I can use in classic meals. Below are five of my favorite healthy low carbohydrate alternatives. They are easy […]

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Chasing The Man Bod: Secret #2

  My second secret for getting that svelte man bod of yesteryear is weight training. There are several things to know about weight training so I’m gong to simplify them for you. Let’s get back to the basics.   Workout Order: Warm up 5-10 minutes, weight training workout, finish with the cardio. This order allows […]

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Trainer Spotlight: Amanda Fontaine

Amanda Fontaine

I am a fitness advocate, enthusiast and lover.   That’s what I spend a majority of my day doing, but who I am is a person who values God, my family, friends, serving the community and leaving a legacy in this world. I am strong, sensitive, reliable and a giver.   I was an only […]

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